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make money online with AirDrip FREE


Get  100 to 3500 satoshi per time simply by visiting websites!!!!
100% WORKING !!!

AirDrips by now the former Digital Artist is a faucet that pays in Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

It allows you to earn loyalty rewards simply by visiting websites. The domain has existed for more than 12 years, very rapid updates and the value of the site is over $ 10,000

It is necessary to make a short registration through your email / Facebook account, at the login only registration data will be required.

Earn bitcoins through AirDrips is simple, at the site dashboard there are all the sites in collaboration with Digital Artist where the special widget with the claim button will be present on each one.

The rewards range from 2500 to 150 Bitcoin Cash, after each claim you have to wait for a timer between 3 and 10 minutes for each claim, the total admissible after all claims is about 2500 satoshi / 5 minutes.

The payout is automatic, it can be requested at any time. The transaction will be carried out every Wednesday with a total of 106,000 Bitcoin Cash in balance, via the Bitcoin Cash address to Coinbase's own Bitcoin Cash wallet..
  • Giving a lot of Bitcoin Cash (satoshis)
  • Fast reach of payout 106.000 satoshis.
  • Weekly Payments

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